Starting Over- Body, Mind, Soul

There are times in life when the biggest setbacks become the best decisions you can make. For example, I had a job as a bakery manager with a small business that I clearly enjoyed because I put all of my effort into it. I was working over 40 hours a week because I enjoyed it that much. But then I realized that I was already second in charge and I wouldn’t be able to climb any higher (unless of course I bought the place). So I did what any person would do, I quit my job and decided that I wanted more, but what is more? Now, when I say I wanted more, I don’t mean more money (which would be nice but that’s not the life you want if it’s all about money). When I say more, I mean I wanted time for vacations, I wanted weekends at the farmer’s market and sunbathing in the Texas heat. I wanted late nights Netflix binge watching without the sacrifice of no sleep. Unfortunately I’m a mother of two boys and losing a second income wasn’t the plan I had. So I picked up a job as an Administrative Assistant, very much so different than my old job, that I figured would bring in enough income to pay the bills and get me a nice savings plan. Little did I know, I would be staying up at all hours of the night, looking for contract jobs as a writer, bookkeeper, etc. because wholeheartedly I want to stay home with my kids. Here is to the beginning of figuring out the next few months of my life, which can bring peace to my household in the long run.

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