Allergy Season

As most of us here in Texas know, it is that time when we aren’t sure if Fall is here or if Mother Nature is playing tricks with us. Unfortunately for the Romo family, this means that our allergy season is in full swing. In May, my husband and I decided to take our little family to the country. With this decision we knew that yes, it would give us some peace, but it would also mess with our allergies. Our oldest son, Dominick, was tested at the beginning of the year and just so happened to be allergic to everything. He is allergic to dogs, allergic to almost every kind of tree and well, the air everywhere in the country. It didn’t take our dream of the country living away, however it has put a huge damper in things. After researching for some time, I have tried everything under the sun to continue living in a small community and make sure our children stay healthy. We’ve gone through great lengths, but it still isn’t working. Luckily I have a bad mama jama of a mom who started showing me Essential Oils from Young Living and boy has it changed out lives. We are currently transitioning to humidifiers in every room of the house (including the playroom) that will run for a good portion of the day, along with keeping oils in there. Our favorites and ones that seem to help us the most is Thieves, Lavender, Peppermint, Tea Tree and best of all Eucalyptus. We have had to invest some time and money into making sure that the house is constantly clean and our air even cleaner. I have even become a Young Living Distributor in order to get rewards for all of our spending. The best part of it all, is the dream we’ve had and continue to carry continues to come true because of researching and determination.

If you are interested in knowing more about Young Living Essential Oils I would love to talk to you about how they have changed my families lives and how they can help you and your family.

Love Always,


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