Contract Job-Because sometimes life throws you curve balls

My name is Sunset Romo. I am currently an Administrative Assistant, however, after working for the past two years I have realized that I would love nothing more than to stay home with my children. Unfortunately this isn’t easy as it should be since my husband and I are a 50/50 income couple. With this being said I wanted to reach out to you as I begin my journey in becoming a work from home, with a possibility of a weekly meeting (if you are wanting) to help you in any way with your business.I have plenty of experience in multiple fields; most of my jobs were contract. These are not limited to but include, bookkeeping, social media publishing, keeping files organized, etc. All of this just so happens to be too good to be true? No, this isn’t. I am willing to work with you on a contract only basis and set up monthly, weekly, bi-weekly, payments that fit your budget. I am not looking to make money; I am looking to make your business run smoother. I am in it for you.

If you have any questions or would like to set up a meeting feel free to reach me via cell phone at (281)-750-2306 or email @

Thank you,
Sunset Romo

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