3 Ingredient Pancakes

My kids are huge fans of pancakes. The older bambino is a fan of cut up pancakes with lots of syrup. Little bambino, on the other hand, is total opposite. He doesn’t like syrup and wants his pancakes whole. I was totally skeptical about trying something new because they have one thing in common, they don’t like a change in texture. Even though I knew these pancakes would be a hit or miss I decided to try them anyways. Pinterest, every moms go to place for new recipes was the place to start my experiment… That’s where I found my chocolate chip pancakes (http://www.goingcavewoman.com/3-ingredient-paleo-pancakes)  I didn’t follow all of the ingredients to a tee, mainly because my sole purpose it to do them differently and in my own way.

I started by using 3 medium sized bananas mashed up as well as you can. Then slowly add in 6 eggs (2 eggs per one banana). Once you’ve stirred everything in, add a few chocolate chips. I didn’t add too many because I knew I’d add more once the pancakes hit the skillet.

eggs before

I used the 1/2 measuring cup to spread the mixture, that will be quite runny, but don’t worry, it is perfectly fine. Give it a few minutes, I try to make sure that the sides are a little brown so I don’t make a mess trying to flip it over. Right before I flip it I add a few extra chocolate chips. It was mainly in hopes that my kids took better to the idea since the texture was going to be weird for them. Two minutes on the other side and the easy breezy pancakes are ready to come off the stove. pancakes

TADA! Yes, they look like plain jane chocolate chip pancakes. Unfortunately not all of my recipes are winners in my kids books and they were not fans. Not even when Dominick added syrup. I was a little upset by it, especially because it was so easy to conjure up! The point is, it is simple and if you don’t have spoiled kids that freak out by texture then it is definitely worth a shot. Questions? Comments? Or maybe you tried it…Whatever it is, I’d love to hear from you!

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