Mexican Papas, Done By A Not So Mexican

Catchy Title makes a reader intrigued, am I right? Well it sure did get you to read my little blog right now. Don’t turn back! Due to me decided that I don’t know where I’m going with my life, yes, I’ve got a family to support and yes we have to make sure that bills and all the other grown up stuff is taken care of, but when you can’t find something that makes you as happy as your family, welp, here we are.

Anyways, enough boring talk. I had to adjust our spending habits quite a bit. This meant us not eating out four times a week (yes, my late hours had me picking up dinner almost every night).

The boys and I love our share of french fries with ketchup of course. So I decided to take it back to when my grandmother used to make me papas (potatoes) all fried with salt and oh so yummy. I started out by somewhat peeling potatoes, I try to keep some of the skin on because it is actually good for you. Then I rinsed them. Once they were all rinsed and clean I sliced them into 1/4 inch slices some thicker than others, obviously I’m not perfect at them.


Oh you see that fancy amount of seasoning? That’s Freddy’s seasoning that I couldn’t help but have. I use it on potatoes, I use it on ground beef, heck I used it on chicken one time too. In the mean time of letting the seasoning sit and soak into the potatoes I added a decent amount (I’d say 2 cups) of canola oil into a skillet to fry up some potatoes. I tested the oil after about five minutes on a medium heat by sticking a single potato in the oil andddd magic began. I immediately heard the sound of frying (oh ya know, the cracking of knowing it’s bad for you, but they are going to be oh so magical). Then I went ahead and added more potatoes. I fill the skillet, but make sure not to have the potatoes on top of each other, just so they will fry easier.

POTA 2I can’t tell you that I had these on the stove for a certain amount of minutes because I’d be lying to you. And as you know if you are a friend, I’m not liar, I tell it how it is. Anyways, I let them fry until they are a light golden brown AND when you stick a fork through them they are soft. The moment I know they are soft I pull them out so that they don’t end up falling apart and make a huge disaster of a mess.

POTA 3Here is the first batch above that I was ever so confident about. The hubby said they could use ketchup, but what does he know, he eats ketchup on ketchup. I guess you could take his advice if you think they are in need. BUTTTT, if you look in that corner, you can clearly tell that Frankie was looking for a taste of deliciousness while I was taking the picture. I’m getting pretty good at this whole documenting for the blog. I’m sure you are tired of the endless posts, so I will try not to bore you much more.

As always, feel free to comment, ask questions or just stop by and say hello!

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