Feeling 22? Just Kidding T Swift… I’m Definitely 23.

Oh no! It seems that I have fallen behind in the blogging business so here is me jumping back on! In the past few chaotic weeks, our rent house has been SOLD, I took a trip to La’Baurge,my birthday AND Halloween. Can you say crazy times? But tonight we are talking about my actual birthday. I’m that person that signs up for every possible business so once my birthday comes, my email is filled with coupons and free stuff. Yes, that makes me super happy because I’m not big on spending anything on myself. Has that happened to you? I guess once I had kids, I started wanting to spend more on them then myself. New goal: Be a tad selfish sometimes…. Off topic. You are probably wondering what kind of free stuff I got right? Let me start out with this…. I have an amazing hubby. He totally ditched work to spend the day with me and running around for freebies. It should become a ritual (doing it every year because we spent less than $30 on the entire day!)

For starters, don’t go out of your way or go to a place that you don’t LOVE for your day. Yes, it could be exciting getting a free dessert from the Downtown Aquarium, but it’s a 45 minute drive and I’d still have to buy four meals to get a free dessert, no thank you. Instead, I had an email for a free mini pazookie from BJ’s Brewhouse. Eric & I have gone there a few times, so I figured picking up a snack while we were running around wouldn’t be too shabby. So I went ahead and ordered a set of sliders for $9 and got my mini pazookie. Boom, lunch on the go done. For dinner, I was a little more excited… Our go to place is Chili’s. With all the changes that have been going on, the Chili’s in Rosenberg has been irritating me, but it keeps our kids quiet with their game play and the hubby and I can drink a few drinks. In particular this trip started out well because me being me signed up a way long time ago for the My Chili Rewards. It’s simple and it gives me points for spending money on dinners. So I already had a reward for a free appetizer, CHA-CHING. Triple Dipper here we come. Since the kids were with me I let them get kid’s meals that I had coupons for, double CHA-CHING! Eric and I got entrees from the 2 for $20 so that was a simple dinner. Lastly, the free birthday dessert. I’ve been wanting to try something new, but the kids insist on the chocolate cake. Of course they won the battle, and Chocolate Molten was eaten as dessert 🙂

Now, I hate spending money on make up so when ULTA and Bare Minerals sent me small freebies I couldn’t say no. ULTA (for the month of October) gave me a free Moxie Lipgloss. I was overly thrilled. All you have to do is sign up for emails and enter your birthday to make sure you get all the up to date. Bare Minerals, they sent me a free mini mascara coupon. Mini, that won’t last most people, but me that doesn’t work much makeup would be amazing! So I scooped that up from our local boutique at the Sugarland First Colony, WHOOP!

These are just a few of the multiple things I was able to snag for free. All it takes is some time during the year of signing up (mainly online) to receive emails, coupons and special events. Now is a great time to start signing up for the New Year.

P.S. We picked up a bundlet from Nothing Bundt Cakes and Owen was one happy camper that he got to eat it all before Dom was picked up from school 😉

**Kohl’s sent me a “Belated” $10 gift card to anything in the store. Yessss. Kohl’s you are officially off of my no shop list and I’ll be shopping very soon!


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