Let’s Start Something…

In the past month, I have decided to leave the stable job I had making money (obviously) for the comfort of staying home and learning how to start a business. Yes, a business. It came to me when a dear friend of mine decided that she was going to stop her candle business to pursue other things. With the venture of new things in her area, I knew that this would be a great opportunity to think about the future. After researching it for a few nights, I decided to jump on the chance to work from home (most of the time) and grow a business. The scariest part of my life is now. The fact that I’ve started something that I’m learning to do and not making money for the first few months (or even the first year) is especially hard when you are as anxiety driven as me.

Luckily, there’s always two people in my corner, my mom and my husband. I’ve gone through so many phases that my mom was able to and not able to help me with. Not that she didn’t try, but mainly that I was a stubborn teenager that turned into a stubborn adult. Then there is the husband that decided to put up with this stubborn adult I’ve turned into. Throughout our relationship, EJR and I have gone through so many ups and downs that there are too many times to count. But with it all, we’ve managed to stick it out. With him going from different jobs until he found the one he desired to me deciding that I wanted less from the real world.

How is it even possible to want less from the real world? I’ve been getting the tough world handed to me since I was 17. And I’ve always managed to handle it well, but this time… this go with the flow, everything will be fine gig isn’t easy. I can’t find my balance. There are so many different angles to go with or without. Maybe I’m just scared to jump. But this time, the only choice is to jump. Jump and pray for the best.

Maybe it seems selfish, maybe I’m the selfish person, maybe this isn’t right… But there is no way to tell unless you just do it. You’ve got to go for what you want. I’ve got the kids, the marriage, my family… So why is it that I couldn’t have the business? No one may read this, no one may even be able to relate to this, but it is there.

Thank you for reading, thank you for being there… and here is the new site for my candles if you choose to check them out 😉



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