Black Thursday?

There have been so much controversial talk about retail workers working on Thanksgiving… Well here is one more blog to wander on about it… But instead I will talk about my experience. (It’s funny how this blog is all about me!)

Since I’ve met Eric (2011) I’ve been one of the many to stop my Thanksgiving festivities to shop til I drop. It started out as “Santa” shopping, but now I try to do it to where I get Christmas gifts and even some stuff for me and the hubs. Now, let me tell you, yes I do feel for the people that are having to work because that isn’t right. I’m not one of those crazy ladies that fights for things or gets insane and put on the news getting shoved around. Oh no no no no. I’m the one that grabs the hubs, my sister the past two years and then myself. It helps with standing in lines and making sure I don’t react in the worst way. React? Yes, I have severe anxiety and let me tell you, it has put me in some bad positions (I’ve walked out of stores without my items, bad). Luckily, I know that none of the stuff I ever purchase is something I NEED. Everything is a want, therefore if I don’t get it, I’m not upset by it. I’ve met some awesome people and I’ve shared some words with others. But hey, that’s normal. 😉

But enough about how much fun it is. Let’s get down to these “poor” retail workers that are having to work on Thanksgiving and not be with their family… As I stated before, yes I do feel for them, I truly do. I always try to be kind (even when they aren’t), I make everything as easy going as possible, the whole sha-bang. This year my little team made a pit stop at the mall. YESSSSS. I had been doing this for four years and was looking forward to my first year testing out the mall. There were so many stores open. And even though plenty of them weren’t having sales, it was still pretty neat to be around and talk to the workers, see what different stores had to offer. All of a sudden, Eric and I see a Cinnabon pit stop. Oh my gosh, just the thing we needed. We hadn’t had any dessert and were starting to feel the sleepiness setting in. So we walk up and the sweetest girl is in front. She’s got the nicest personality and as we start to converse she continues to tell me how she doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving and her family isn’t from the United States. It was refreshing to see such a happy face. I stood there for about five minutes talking to her and even left her a small tip.

It dawned on me that yes, I do feel for the retail workers that are having to work, but you don’t know the stories of everyone. Maybe they are working Thanksgiving because their family is coming for Christmas. Maybe they don’t celebrate at all. Sometimes it is unfortunate that you don’t have any say and HAVE to work because it’s in the rotation and you signed up for working holidays when you started. Whatever the reason being, yes it sucks, but it is what is going to happen. People will continue to shop on Thanksgiving and retailers are large enough to make people work.

What are your thoughts on the Thanksgiving working retailers? Any scary stories?! Did you see the video of the Wal-Mart getting shut down. Now that is the most insane thing I’ve ever seen!

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