Teeny Tiny Christmas Tree

Everyone was getting their holidays on and here the little Romo Clan hadn’t gotten their Christmas tree. Oh so sad, right? After Dominick bugging about when we were going to get a tree, I finally gave in and decided we would buy a tree. Now, there are so many options-real or fake- big or small….How do you choose when there are dozens to choose from? Best option is to bring the two bambinos with you of course. After Owen and I picked up Dominick from school, we headed straight to Richmond for our real Christmas tree.

We’ve gone to this place since Dominick was a baby. This place was were I was taken as a child. It’s been in business for 30 plus years. Obviously it is some history of our little Richmond town.

This year we decided to get the boys their own personal tree to put up in their room. This was mainly because I didn’t want to put up a whole tree by myself and it was easier. Lazy mom moment I know!

When we get out of the car the boys go running around through the trees with all the excitement in the world. Once they got a little simmered down we began searching for our perfect little tree. Yes, a little tree. Owen and Dom look around and find two different trees, neither I felt would suffice for our home, so I picked one and talked them into it. What a physique I know!

Before the kids decided to get crazier, I sent them to sit in the car while I waited for the tree to be ready. Yes, the car was running and the heater was on. Even though I didn’t need to because with the Texas weather it was a nice cool 67 degree day. For every anal person, I’ll let you know I’m not a bad mom 😉

I go back to the table to write a check for our little tree and as I ask the lady how much it is she says “Oh Miss, it’s been paid for already!” I look at her and respond with the usual “Uhm, no ma’am I know I haven’t written you a check.” She responds with “The couple behind you wanted to make sure you have a great Christmas and your kids are great.” I couldn’t have been in more shock. In the 30 years they have been opened the owner said she had never seen someone do something so kind. All I wanted to do was find the couple because I was so happy and shocked and I wanted to thank them so much. The couple had already gotten in their vehicle to leave as I was picking up the tree. I was overwhelmed and I couldn’t believe how sweet that couple was.

To the couple in the red Durango, Thank you from the Romo Clan. You truly made our Christmas a whole merrier.

You never know how much a simple gesture can make the biggest difference in a person’s life. Think about it.



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