Potty Training A Stubborn Child


Before I start today’s blog, I would like to thank you for the wonderful picture of Spider-Man from ALLPOSTERS.COM. You’ll know why I need it later in the blog 🙂

On December 19th, the smallest Romo turned 3 years old. But let me start first with what has been going on. So, it’s been a busy month for us. We were hustling of course Christmas shopping and birthday  party planning and cancelling and making everything happen in the short span of time. Well we are here at the end of the 2015 year and enjoying Christmas vacation. Dominick was with his Nana for a few days, so little Romo and I were able to just hang. With that being said, he was more than eager for his brother to be home.

Today after the wrestling match of the boys being reunited, Owen decided that he wanted to be like this big bro and wear underwear. We’ve tried it a few times over the past couple of months, but he’s always just peed on the floor, carpet or anywhere other than the potty. I know every parent is different and we all have our point of views, but mine is that when he ready, he will go. It worked with my first, so it’s bound to work again right? That’s my motto, don’t knock it til you try it!

Turbo underwear went on and the afternoon began. I was a little nervous because normally around early afternoon it becomes nap time in the Romo household. Welp, not today. Today we were going to go without a nap (yes a risk!) and pray this stubborn child of mine started the pee pee in the potty process.

After an hour of undies, Owen came upstairs to go potty!! Yay!! Can’t get too excited until it happens….ANDDD we had a successful moment! First, it started out with Owen  attempting to stand on his stool, which was a fail because he didn’t want to lean into the potty. Oh did I mention he is standing to go potty and not sit? Even more fun, right. So the next approach was for me to hold him by his armpits and let him hover over the potty. Nope, not his style. What a stubborn child!!!!!!! Lastly, as I’m about to just say pee on the floor, Owen decides that he wants me to hold him and he stands on the rim of the potty (total Spider-Man moment) and then squat to pee in the potty. It’s the most hilarious moment and I am so proud that Owen is actually going the bathroom in the big boy potty!

As of this afternoon, he’s gone twice with no accidents, knock on wood.

We haven’t started the #2 in the potty, but hey we’ve got to begin somewhere.

Now he’s eager for daddy to get home because we are having a pee pee party tonight! Mommy is baking cupcakes all for little Romo. Hey, it’s not everyday that Owen isn’t as stubborn as his daddy 😉

Don’t judge me!

More details of the potty training process will be updated soon.

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