Have Ya Heard Of Holstee?

Who in the world is Holstee? Holstee is a company that my mom is an avid buyer from. I never knew about it until she started buying me stuff from there. Uh boring right? WRONG!

If I wasn’t saving money, I’d be spending some big bucks on their site. They have all sorts of different things, from posters to postcards. They are all with the main objective. To give you inspiration. They have quotes that just kind of fit. I know it doesn’t sound like it makes sense, but it’s hard to explain.

For example, part of my Christmas gift was this.download_20160102_213955It’s a cute little card holder that has a calendar. Each month it asks for your goals and on the other side it has a single inspiration word. They are awesome. And what’s better is they are made from the fancy paper so they hold strong 😉

Heyyyy, check those monthly goals out!

Yes, I have already filled in my monthly addendum. I’m a planner I can’t help it. My favorite one (and the one I need to work  on the most) is the “date more”. Eric and I have been together for 4 1/2 years and in that time we’ve gone through a lot. Sometimes I feel as if we take each other for granted. Luckily, we have seen every side of each other that now it’s easier to know when things aren’t right. With that being said, our biggest hurt is that we don’t go out alone much. We don’t have any “couple” friends so it pretty much is just us or us with the boys. But even then, once a month maybe? I’d love your input as to how many date nights you and your significant other do? This year I am striving for at least two outings a month with just us.

The other one I’m proud of is the “Stay Calm”. So original? Heck no. It’s seen everywhere now. The only difference from me seeing it on my calendar is that every day I wake up and see that. When I’m in my office, I see that. I can visually read it whenever I may need to see it .

What are your goals this month? This year?

Oh by the way…. (www.Holstee.com) has GREAT items and they’re having a sale right now! Check them out. You won’t be disappointed. Holstee.jpg

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