Digit Savings; To Save in 2016

We are in the last week of January and I have officially started my savings venture. After all my Christmas presents were purchased and the time came that I knew I needed to tackle down my debt. With that being said, December 24th I opened my digit account. When I first started I was very skeptical about the savings. I didn’t believe that they would be able to take money from my bank account. I didn’t know that I even had enough money sitting in my account to save. Our money comes and goes so quickly. Mainly bills, but a lot to savings for a down payment on land. That’s what our plan has been for so long. There’s just so many other things sitting in the way. Enough of that. Let me tell you more about this whole Digit ordeal.


You start by entering your email and basic information. When you feel comfortable enough you can add whatever bank account you feel will save you the most money. Now, Digit ensures that the money they are pulling every so often (I will explain more in a bit) is your “extra” money. Digit knows what they are doing. Digit also says that they can ensure your bank account will never overdraft.

Now let me back up to the “they pull out money every so often” that I spoke about before. At first Digit will take out every couple of days to make sure they know what they are doing. They were doing it every 2.5 days and now take money out every 1.85 days. Pretty precise I know. So far, I have had 14 transfers coming through digit. Today, there is $55.76 in my savings. In one month that’s what I have saved!

I’ll be honest, between sales and special occasions I tend to spend more money than I’d like to be. I even went as far as to give my hubby all of my credit cards so I won’t spend anything that I don’t have available to me.

Lastly, this is going to be a very short “Ad Style” blog post today because I am extremely exhausted and today just wasn’t my day.


However, I will leave you will my referral just in case you decide to start saving some money! Yes, I get $5 added to my account. Help me with my savings! Lol just kidding.

**There are never any fees associated and once you get to $100 Digit gives you a little bonus.

***Digit is FDIC insured for up to $250,000 if I’m correct.

Sunset Romo’s Referral  https://digit.co/r/es8h5?wn



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