Be a Zebra

This week, along with getting Dominick’s T-Ball schedule ready, we were graced with Thursday being Zebra day. You see, every week he gets to learn a new letter and this week they wanted to make it a little extra fun by adding “Zebra” day. I’m not going to lie, I was pretty stoked about it because that meant I’d be able to turn Dominick into a zebra!!

First, with me being the “cool mom” that I am, I felt the need to ask Dominick if it was okay that we painted one of his shirts to be like a zebra. His response was “Only if you make it look good, I don’t want to look ridiculous”. Gee thanks son. Did I mention he’s in Kindergarten? Great, bring on the teenage years early why don’t you.

Anyways, back to it. I took one of Dominick’s white t-shirts that he wears as a pajama shirt (even though 9/10 times he sleeps naked). I already had the black craft paint and brushes from a previous project, so that was set. The last thing I wanted to make sure I had was a cardboard piece to make sure that the black paint didn’t leak to the back side.

I don’t like to brag, but I’ve done some pretty crafty things, making a shirt NOT being one of them, so I was pretty nervous. Why would I be so nervous, it was just a shirt. Eh, not for me. This was important to Dom, he wanted to be a zebra!

I put the cardboard (totally got an old box and scissored away at it) in between the shirt, make sure that it is a tight fit. Because I’m no artist I decided it would be best if I outlined something first. I did not want to go into this thing blind. Wise choice there. After doing a semi-decent sketch I took out the paint and brushes.


I did the front side only, I didn’t want to over do it. Plus since it was our first shirt, I didn’t know how well the paint would dry before morning. Oh yes, I did it the night before it was Zebra day. Procrastination at its finest.

I was impressed. Not only did it come out good, it looked like zebra print! Great thing too, Dominick felt the same way! imag0102.jpg

I know what you’re thinking, his face doesn’t look as excited as mine, but it was very early when I made him take the picture!

P.S. He told everyone his mom made his awesome zebra shirt. Mom=1 point 🙂


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