Mother’s Day.

We are getting towards Mother’s Day, well about a month away. But for me that’s already time to start the planning. Of course I also have three mothers, so shopping usually takes a lot of effort.

As a child, I knew that I could get away with making gifts and that was usually done at school. Then I became a mother and I realized that those are the best gifts. But now that I’m an adult, I feel like my mom deserves the world. She and I don’t always see eye to eye. Let’s face it, she’s my best friend and I’m her rock, but we clash like the titans!

Every year I’ve seemed to buy her a gift card to Lowe’s. (My mom is a huge fan of Lowe’s, like she could live there and spend her life just up and down the aisles). But this year I just feel like there’s more to the day. For one, she doesn’t like to be bothered. She says “It’s my day and I’ll do what I want”, so we basically let her be. But before that we give her gifts and set up a breakfast or lunch, etc. This year, it’s a surprise. It’s not a gift card, it’s not a homemade lunch. It’s a week long event of showing her just how much we adore her as a Mother Dearest and Nana.

Second Mama is next! Yes, I literally call her my second mother. She and my dad have been together since I was two years old. I’m 23 now! So yes, she’s another mother and even though people outside of our family don’t understand it, it works for us. We wouldn’t change things. Now, she is a tough cookie to shop for. Mainly because when she wants something she just gets it. But also because she is always so busy taking my siblings to their activities that she doesn’t do anything for herself. This year, my goal is to get her something that’s not just another gift. It’s something with a deeper meaning than some soaps from Bath and Body Works because let’s face it, she deserves more.

Lastly, but of course not least, is my mother in law. Well, last year I made the mistake of getting her an awesome gift (family pictures that she’s been dying for). So this year, I’m trying to figure out, what can even out due that? Probably nothing. Except for the chance of a grand-daughter. She loves our boys, but bless her heart she needs a girl. Let’s face it, every grandma probably does! With that being said, she just may be getting a nice card and jewelry because welp, a grand-baby, that’s just one you can’t come back from! Hehe 😉

What kind of special things do you do for your mom? Is there a tradition you have? What about your mother in law? Or is she a monster in law? Lol no judgements, everyone isn’t as lucky as me!



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