Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🦃

As we are all prepping to spend the day with our loved ones (or at least put up with them for the day)  I can’t help but be ever so thankful for today. 

It isn’t because I got to spend the day going to EVERY grandma’s or in laws, it’s because today for the first time since Dominick was born we stayed home. It felt so good to not have to buy the nice outfits, coordinate who’s house we were going to first and what we needed to bring. Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice being around family, but thanks to Bad Moms, this year I was doing things my way. 

Last week I went to Kroger picked up all the groceries I would need for Thanksgiving minus a couple of the last minute items. And this week I went and got the rest, of course I had to pick up a pumpkin pie, because my kids have never had any I know super weird! Then thanks to my lovely husband I was able to ensure that we had everything so we could stay home and not go out in the weather. 

This morning Alexa woke up Eric and he began prepping the turkey. He always does a great job so of course I wasn’t worried about it and I don’t know how to prep a turkey at all. About 30 minutes later when the baby woke up we begin our morning. I made mashed potatoes, I started prepping to make macaroni and corn; the stuff that we enjoy not what everyone else enjoys or the fact that I would be judged because I let my kid have one too many Hawaiian bread rolls. 

The kids were still in their clothes that they went to sleep in which was completely fine because that meant they were cozy and comfy. They did their usual cereal breakfast routine and then went and played in their room while we kept cooking and making sure everything was ready. 

Come 11:30 everything was pretty much ready and Lucas was an hour past his nap, which is never a good thing for him. Luckily I was able to do the last minute stuffing and gravy so we could all sit and eat before noon and we’d all be around the table together. 

I’m not knocking the traditional going to your parents or your grandparents and spending time with your family. I just felt a lot more comfortable and less stressed when we were at home and my kids were happy. Dominick ate plenty of turkey and even tried mashed potatoes even though he hates the texture. Owen tried a different kind of macaroni which he semi liked and 3 Hawaiian rolls! Who lets their kid do that? Well it’s Thanksgiving and I did. Lucas… lets jist say he had a little bit of everything but he mainly threw his food because he was tired and he was done with us but he sat at the table until we were all done and he lived.

We had the boys take quick baths because later we would go to my grandparents, but just to visit not worry about food or being late or on time.

And then everyone laid down to take a nap because that’s what you do after you eat amazing Thanksgiving food! 

So we would  like to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving no matter where you are or who you’re with just enjoy it!

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