So Long Soy.

Soy. It’s the most irritating three letter word. When I was told my oldest son was allergic I thought no big deal. Little did I know, our family was going to have to start making changes.

It started out with no longer buying fruit snacks (because he has an allergy to apples, apple juice, etc.). Then it was standing in the juice aisle to find one without apple.

But for some reason Dominick continued breaking out. So I turned to our list with taking out smaller items, no more granola bars (they carry soy lecithin), no more pop tarts for on the go breakfast. Things started to look up. I was really moving with everything going soy free. My husband was making lunches in the morning so we could ensure he was eating soy free, or so we thought.

Today as I stood in the bread aisle of Sam’s trying to figure out how many loaves of bread I needed… it hit me that he was still getting the rash on his face and the only food he constantly ate….bread for his sandwiches. Boom. Lightbulb. We couldn’t give him his favorite lunch, no more peanut butter and jelly.

The worst part wasn’t knowing I’d have to make an entire lunch menu to cater to him; it was telling my 7 year old that he couldn’t have the sandwiches anymore. They’re his favorite and he even learned how to make them on his own. It was a proud moment for him!

I couldn’t take the loss, I started researching homemade breads and bread makers. Luckily between his Nana and I we were able to find some not overly complicated bread recipes and the bread maker will be in soon. I cannot wait to test this out and (fingers crossed) be able to let him go back to his semi normal lunch.

Do you or someone you love (semi care about) have a soy allergy? I’d love some recipes or food ideas! We are constantly on the run so the simpler the better!

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