Three boys. Three experiences.

When I first started this whole motherhood life, there were a thousand and one things I had no idea I was doing. But one thing I wanted was to ensure I wasn’t having a leaking diaper when I was out and about. With my first son, I used Pampers and was solid on them. They always worked for him. Then when it was time to potty train I was more than excited because Pampers were getting expensive! Two and a half years later when we had Owen, I was stocked and ready for Pampers all over again. They worked just as well for him as well. The only downside was how pricey they were becoming. Luckily I was able to get plenty of coupons and rewards. My miracle baby came in November 2016 and I was no where near prepared. I was sick throughout the whole pregnancy and didn’t know how to handle a third boy coming into our world. Within the first year I could tell he was the firecracker of our clan. He had become the slickest one. So it was fitting that the regular Pampers brand wasn’t going to fit him best. They quickly became a bigger expense due to needing a specific brand and size. Pampers Cruisers Size 6 by the time he was two and boy those lasted about a week and a half. Target was our best friend, along with coupons, cartwheel & RedCard advantages. Luckily when little bit decided he wasn’t ready to potty train and the size 6 was no longer making it through the night we were able to find an amazing new brand and size that matched his growing boy body! Earth & Eden (found on Amazon) had a size SEVEN! As I read more about how eco friendly, along with a great price per diaper ratio, I knew I needed to try them. First box with subscribe and save was under $30! Score! To this day, the UPS guy brings us a haul of four boxes for one month and with subscribe and save through Amazon we are killing the diaper game. If you have a little one I highly recommend trying them. Littlest Romo has had way less bed wetting incidents and they last longer when he’s jumping around outside.

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