What Makes A Mop Different?

I know I can’t be the only one that dreads cleaning the floors? I mean, I know I have to clean them, but between three young boys and two wild dogs my floors stay clean for maybe an hour. And that’s as long as the dogs don’t go outside to play in dirt and no one spills their cup on the floor. Let’s be honest, that’s happening in that hour anyways 🤦🏽‍♀️

So last year I NEEDED a Shark Steam Mop (https://www.target.com/p/shark-professional-steam-pocket-mop-s3601/-/A-13330454) because my Swiffer was just not cutting it anymore. I was going through a box of the wipes in a month and I was trying to cut costs. At least that’s how I convinced my husband I needed it! And it has treated me great. I order the washable pads every six months since I get a pack of two at a time. I makes sure to soak and wash them to ensure they last me the three months.

Well, this year I managed to talk my husband into an iRobot Braava jet (https://store.irobot.com/default/floor-mopping-braava-robot-mop-irobot-braava-jet/B240020.html) that was on sale and I definitely like always needed to ensure I wasn’t wasting time on cleaning the floors 😂

Major Fail!

The first time I used the iRobot jet it did nothing for my floors. They were still sticky and it only was cleaning my kitchen. I figured I would try it in a smaller area as a “tester” and boy am I glad I did that. But then it occurred maybe I was giving it too much dirtiness at one time. So I changed the pad out (which they are reusable but I wouldn’t as they aren’t very sturdy) and took the iRobot jet to my smaller boys bathroom. Thirty minutes later when I heard the sound of the iRobot turn off I went in to find that it decently had been cleaned but it wasn’t giving me a fresh clean vibe. Yes blame my OCD for that.

A few weeks later I tried it again in the bathroom and I still wasn’t fond of it. Since I didn’t feel that sending it back and complaining was the thing to do, I told my single sister who lives in a one bedroom wood floor apartment that she could try it out.

I went back to my Shark Steam Mop and even though I know have to actually Mop my house, it feels a ton better knowing my floors are fresh and clean!

Basically, the iRobot jet should be used with people that don’t make messes and don’t have kids! When you have a bigger home with animals and kids, get your Shark Steam Mop on!!


I have attached the the links above for the products I was using. I do not work for either company and DO NOT get paid for the advertising. I’m a regular mom trying to help your cleaning routine go a little bit better.


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