Vitamins…Forgot Them Again

It’s always said that even when you’re at your busiest, you have to make time for yourself. It’s easier said than done. The alarm goes off and your day starts. Get everyone fed, make sure they’re bags are packed and homework is done, etc. You’re out the door and making rounds to schools, daycares, jobs and then you end up back home cooking, cleaning and getting a few minutes of alone time.

That’s on an easy day. Take into account the days where the kids have extra curricular or your significant other is working late so you’re in charge of cooking and getting the kids to bed. It’s tough and some days are better than others. You’re exhausted. As you’re laying in bed you realize, did you remember to take your vitamins? Is this new diet is really working? Forget it, you’re having that glass of wine because you deserve it.

I’ll be the first to admit, it’s difficult for me to remember to take my medications that are required, let alone remember to take my vitamins too. Let’s not forget the small happy pills you take to ease the anxiety you feel. It could be a simple pill box that helps you remember all of them. But when I started my pill box, I felt like a druggie (I really am not!). I take two seizure medications along with multiple vitamins and a small happy pill. Twice a day, every single day. Most days, I’ll take my seizure medicine straight from their bottles to ensure I take them. And I’ll end up forgetting my vitamins more days than I’d like to admit. Recently, I had to get off of my happy pill because it wasn’t meshing well with my seizure medications. No big deal? But for me it was. That’s when my younger sister introduced me to the Vitamin Patch Club.

I don’t work for them and they aren’t paying me, like they pay the celebrities to mention “how well” these vitamins work.

I was able to start my patches a few days after my most recent seizure. My body was aching, it was my time of the month (which brought on even more bad feels) and I was feeling all kinds of just done. I hated my kids seeing me feel so low. I hated not being able to enjoy their last weeks of Summer with them. The first day I put my patch (I call it the pink one) on my upper arm, I was able to feel better. Not superhuman I can do anything better, but I felt good enough to get up and get outside. Yes, it was hot, yes I wasn’t full force running around, but I was out. Then the second day I put my pink patch on my forearm and ventured out to a few shopping stores to get some school shopping done. Again, I wasn’t over doing it, but I was feeling more “normal” which for me was amazing. As I’ve continued these, I’ve began to enjoy more things and have been able to gain a regular busy lifestyle without trying to remember to take extra medications. These vitamin patches have given me the ability to take three less vitamins and my little happy pill is completely gone.

I did not stop medications for my epilepsy and all of my medicines were approved to be weaned off of, so please don’t think that I just stopped taking my medicines because I wanted to be reckless. I needed more freedom from medications and wanted a healthier lifestyle for myself and my kids.

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There are a ton of different places to get patches. I personally use, Vitamin Patch Club, Build Your Own Box, Set of 2 & get the Energize & Wellness Patch. It’s the best $50 I spend a month!

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