To The New Century

As the kids are going back to school and I get back to my regular schedule, I’ve made it a small goal to post more. I say that and almost always get busy. But if something is important to you, you work on it.

We had everyone go to bed early (regular 7:30 bed time) and boy when I woke up at 3:00 am I was set on getting my life together, I paid bills, made some notes on our vacation, heck I even started a load of laundry. So when my mom showed up at 6:30 am I was even more surprised that she was early. It’s amazing what you get done when you get up earlier.

I didn’t have a goal to lose weight this year, which has started way before since my surgeries, but it sure is difficult to do it on your own. Luckily, I’ve been sneaking some healthier food options in Eric’s lunch and it’s been working 😎

How’s your new year starting? Did you set any goals this year?

Btw. I’m still a Pampered Chef consultant, but it’s more for fun than actually making an income to replace my income. If you need anything, let your girl know!

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