Lucas Q P1

I won’t ever say I have a favorite child. My three boys have blessed me in so many ways. Now Lucas, also known as Luc, has been by far the most unique out of the clan. I don’t have a specific word to use because this tiny human was never supposed to be apart of the Romo Clan.

Wow, so I’ve basically called him unwanted. Negative. You see, after my two boys, my OB said, hey girl, the chances of you getting pregnant is slim, your body can’t handle another human. And that was the end of it. Eric and I knew that we had our two boys and being blessed with that was enough.

When I went in for a minor strep test and the doctor said, Mrs. Romo, we can’t give you these meds because you’re knocked up. I couldn’t help but laugh and said no way. (Insert that immediate phone call to the OB)

A blood test, ultrasound and a few additional pee sticks for good measure later, it was confirmed that we were adding another member to our family. Chances of survival were dependent on how my body would react. I was on pins and needles trying to make sure that I didn’t do anything wrong. Extra water, yes please. Cokes, what are you crazy, heck no! We went on through the first trimester with only two emergency room visits for dehydration and low iron. Yikes! Did I forget to mention I’m anemic? I can barely make enough blood for me and now I’m adding in a mini me. Second semester and I was positive we’d bring a little girl into the chaos. Why else would I have this chance of another pregnancy? Boom, look at that little pecker. I cried. I wasn’t sad because it was a boy, I cried because he was a tiny little healthy peanut. Healthy. Little did I know that two weeks later I would be in a cold room receiving antibiotics through an ivy. Not only was I constantly dehydrated, but I couldn’t get over a basic uti that ended up becoming a larger issue. Welp, there I sat everyday for three hours for the next ten days. Finally, I would be getting that pregnancy glow everyone talks about!

Yeah, it isn’t for everyone. Me being part of the exception. A few more emergency room trips for dehydration and the OB finally said, look woman, stay in bed and stay alive for the baby. Cool I can do that 🤷🏻‍♀️ Except… I didn’t. I couldn’t just let my other two boys be without a mom. So when it was Halloween, you’re sure right we are going trick or treating. I don’t care if I can barely walk because I’m over 37 weeks pregnant. After what felt like an eternity, I told Eric that I was feeling exhausted and my back wasn’t feeling right. Home we went and put those tired boys down for bed. Quick showers and it’s bedtime. Until I feel myself pee and call my mom to see what it’s like for water to break. Apparently that was me. It was time for our sweet boy to come…. a failed natural birth brought in a last minute epidural and a prayer brought Luc into this world 11/01/2016. The Romo Clan grew by one and our hearts were so full. I did it.

Until next time. Xoxo

Sunset 🌅

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