Lucas Q P2

If you’ve been following my life, you’re a stalker! Kidding. Thanks for enjoying the ride. I left off introducing Luc, my youngest, into the Romo Clan.

Lucas was a few months shy of turning two when I was diagnosed with Epilepsy. As a family it took a toll on everyone, but Lucas became more of my crutch. Let’s face it, he needed me, but I needed him more.

Nine months after my diagnosis, we felt that I’d heal better if I didn’t work for awhile. It was a short term deal, at least that’s what I thought at the time. That meant Lucas and I would be together 24/7 and I was thrilled to be able to do it. Scared? Of course. What happened if I had a seizure when it was just us? There are a million what ifs, but with trial and error and lots of help from family members we made it happen.

In my time being home, I felt myself heal. I let go of the things that I thought I could control, I cut out people that didn’t have my best interests in mind. It was liberating. It was amazing. Here I am nine months episode free and The Romo Clan is thriving 💕

Forever never all looking. Boys.


Sunset 🌅

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