We’ve All Been There

It’s already my time for bed. That sounds off since I don’t work a normal job, my kids don’t rely on me to get them to school on time and well, because who goes to bed at 8 pm…

I’ve tried to turn my body into a “sleep mode” so that when I wake up in the middle of the night to toss and turn, I won’t sit on my phone and binge watch something. I tell myself not to do it. But somehow the peace of no one bothering me or asking me twenty thousand questions is what keeps me from going back to sleep. It’s absolutely exhausting and with the world turned upside down, this mama is struggling.

I can’t say I have it hard. My husband is an essential worker and is thankfully even getting overtime. I’m still getting my paycheck from one of my small businesses. My kids are healthy and we’re in a semi normal routine. So why can’t I keep up? The house needs to be cleaned, but the kids need to be fed. Somewhere in between try to add some stretches in so you don’t feel so old. Get with it Romo, you’re not even 30!

When Eric gets home, I don’t even want to talk! I feel like I’m failing as a wife and mother sometimes. I can’t be the only one. This staying inside and social distancing is driving me insane. Literally. So tonight, I’m going to lay in bed, find a comfy spot and sleep. Fingers crossed it’s all night, but if not, there’s always another day.

Don’t get me started on co sleeping Karen. We’re here for it.

What time does school start again? I think tomorrow is when our substitute teacher comes and brings in the movie cart.



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