Helloooo Fresh! A True Non Ad Real Life Story.

You have probably seen every mom celebrity talk about some sort of meal delivery. Welp, I finally gave in because I was tired of having the same thing over and over and then my kids not touching what I made. Hello Fresh was my first choice since it’s been around for quite some time. I used their first box for I think $20 off, which was a catch too.

I have to first say, my kids are super picky. As I’m writing this, my youngest, Lucas, is eating cereal. Go ahead and judge me 💁🏻‍♀️

If you don’t know, The Romo Clan is a family of five. Three growing boys takes a lot of trial and error to find foods that they’ll all eat. Even with the meals we all talk about trying by the next night they’ll say they don’t like it. We started last week, so we’re on week two. Owen is the middle child and he started out as the pickiest and he has been the most willing to try new dinners. When we had the meals delivered he was excited to see what was being cooked. This was such a good feeling!

Okay, okay. Now on to the cons because you know I can’t just say hey it’s great buy it with my code and get some cash off and you’ll get me some cash off. As I previously mentioned we are a family of five, the meal plans say two or four. I thought there would be wiggle room and I was completely wrong. If you are even a family of four it would be difficult to get enough meals. They give you plenty of the veggies and sides, but the actual protein is slim. This makes it inconvenient since I prefer more protein than anything. So please keep that in mind! Then comes the fact that you pick your meals by a certain day and it gets delivered on your specific date. For example, I order by Wednesday and it gets delivered the following Monday. I won’t lie, if you don’t pay attention you’ll miss your deadline and the chance to choose your own meals. Bummer!

Let’s talk about the good part, besides the fact that they are family friendly. They also come in a huge box (we get the three day meal plan) delivered right to your front door. Every item is fresh and I don’t have to worry about anything going bad in the Texas heat. Then comes the bags that each meal is put into and sealed with a label that shows your meals! I love it because it’s everything you need, minus the meat and a few seasonings, salt/pepper and butter/oil. The meat is individually wrapped and labeled too! So I like to leave the specific ones for dinner in the fridge and the others in the freezer.

Our dinner Monday was Bourbon Steak & they were a hit with everyone! Including the littlest Romo.

Everything is sounding pretty good right? Lastly let’s talk pricing. Usually I budget $150-$200 for groceries, including pit stops to the meat market. That’s definitely a lot, especially because a lot of it is junk and some foods the kids won’t even try 🙄 I’ve paid $80 a week for the meals and only bought necessity groceries such as fruit, milk and eggs at the grocery store. I’ve been able to cut my grocery bill by having the right amount (give or take a few extra proteins) added. For us it’s been a bonus. Not eating out as much a week, along with having to drag the kids out to buy groceries since our local pickup has been a hot mess. Huge shoutout to Kroger for giving us bad fruits and veggies!

Anyways, there it is! If you have any questions or have had any issues, likes or dislikes with your meal service, let me know! I’d love to hear other experiences! I’ve also added my code if you want to check it out! If not, that’s okay too 🙂

You have been invited to savour the joy of cooking HelloFresh and get a $40 coupon to spend on your first box of fresh ingredients and delicious recipes. Start your cooking adventure now with HelloFresh using the following voucher code HS-W7LN1W8P4.

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