One Whole Year. 365 Days.

We celebrate quite a few dates in our years of being The Romo Clan. This date, July 23rd, of every year has now become one of the dates added to our calendar.

It’s no ones birthday and we aren’t adding anyone to the Clan. On this day in 2019, I had a seizure. It was the first one I had in almost six months. It would have been a big accomplishment for us. The episodes were so unknown as to when they’d happen. Sometimes my hormones were off balanced, maybe I was on my keto diet for too long and then there’s the chance that I was stressed and sleep deprived. Hey, three kids and life can do that to anyone.

A pretty picture has baggage behind it.

After that day I had given up. I couldn’t figure out what it was a was doing wrong. I couldn’t understand why it would keep happening. How could we have a semi normal life with the unknown of when an episode would happen.

I went ahead and pulled back on work, I let my mom help me in more ways than I ever thought I’d need her. I honestly just took help when it was offered. I had to stop putting every inch of my life into details that I couldn’t control. For me, a person that’s been controlling (or even attempting to control) my own life since I was seventeen, it was very difficult. Eric’s work schedule became more flexible with him, making our lives even a tad bit more comfortable. Then life just kept moving on. A few months would go by and I wouldn’t even count how long it had been since my last episode. By December I had a hysterectomy and everyone was worried the stress would bring on a seizure. Luckily, that passed and I’ve got the breeze of no periods! Then an emergency gallbladder removal passed too!

The new year came in and we kept skating by. Work for me was steady and with the boys back at school life was on cruise control. Covid came in and messed with our Spring Break plans, but we still made the best of things. After the boys were kept home for the school year and distance learning took into full effect, I was a mess. How in the heck would I manage work, school work plus the house?! But.. I did it. Tears were shed, but we kept putting work in. Summer couldn’t have come any quicker! We had to cancel so many plans which made our home life sad, but still trucking along and making the best of it.

Chelsey Perez at The Southern Cactus killed our family photos.

Ladies & Gents. Thank you for reading this far. It’s been a wild ride. Our family has been up and down and even in between. I FINALLY MADE IT AN ENTIRE YEAR OF NO SEIZURES. I couldn’t have done it without Eric always drying my tears and bringing the laughs. The boys for the unconditional love. My mom for putting her entire life on hold to help me day in and day out. The biggest support system of our families. The Romo Clan is enjoying today and every day after it. We’re making it ❤️

2 thoughts on “One Whole Year. 365 Days.

  1. Elva V. Gonzales

    SUN…SUNNY…SUNSET…LOVE. LOVE. LOVE! Thanks for sharing yourself, your journey, and your precious family….your writing is a mother’s therapy and a cathartic expression of your inner self for the better good of your being the EXCELLENT mother and leader in your family…It does not go unnoticed! And I’m absolutely positive that my loving nephew Eric is the head in his household who appreciates every bit of your success! Love you all…distance does not measure my love…continue sharing the Romo Journey!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Thank You!💋💋💋💋💋

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