We’re Making It-Let’s Hit The Potty!

Third day of what you may ask? Welp. It’s the end of summer and November will come knocking and I’ll have a four year old. I cannot believe my baby is growing so quickly!

I have always let my boys decide when they were ready to potty train. Whether it was early or late, we’d get there when we got there. Unfortunately my youngest boy has decided that he will be the most hardheaded of them all! He’s a few months shy of four and hasn’t even wanted to sit on the potty. We even got him a small potty that flushed and all! But nope, not even a little bit. So we continued buying expensive Pampers Diapers. Size 7 that can only be bought online or at your local Sam’s Club. Roughhhh. Luckily, I came across six fancy clearance boxes of Pull-Ups at Target and took them ALL. I was tired of paying for diapers, heck they’re expensive!

Next thing you know we were six pull-ups away from being out of everything and Lucas still no where near ready to potty train. So I did what every mom would do, I think 🤷🏻‍♀️ We cold turkey quit diapers.

I got all masked up and went out to Target to pick out his favorite character underwear. We are full on potty training mode! I was reading on a few other blogs on how some mothers were getting their boys to potty train. It went from getting rewards to the famous “they will when they’re ready”. The one that caught my eye was the three day potty training game. That meant that for the next three days we would let our rambunctious 3.5 year old run naked and we would pray that he made it to the potty in time. ANDDDDDD It is working!! Lucas has officially become a potty trained young boy!! We are going on three weeks of being in his big boy underwear. Pooping has by far been the most difficult to maintain. Luc has patience problems and refuses to sit for long periods of time. The easiest thing is to take away his underwear until he actually poops. YESSS, that sounds crazy, he is running around most of the time naked, but it is working for us! We may have also started telling him that every time he poops in the potty we will take him to the store. He’s raking in the small toys right now. Bribing? Completely. Still a proud moment in the Romo Household. 2020 you’re not a complete waste!

Joy is everything in this boy’s eyes🖤

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