Grateful for Mondays

I’ve worked contract for most of my adult life and in 2016 I started a part time gig I never expected to have come so far in.

What started as working Monday mornings from 8-12 turned into all week phone calls about random stories. It’s giving out my number because he doesn’t want to talk to anyone. It’s a full time job without it being a full time job. I don’t get the benefits. I don’t get sick or vacation. What’s a 401k?

So what keeps me going? How have I lasted through ups downs, good and bad?

Visiting the cows 🐮🐄

I stay because every summer since I’ve started my kids have come with me to the office. I stay because when I got sick or when I was pregnant, I had him coming to me instead of me having to leave the house. When Covid hit, there I was dropping off groceries outside of his door and making sure he had plenty of Lysol and working from across his lawn. It’s the small moments of hearing stories and being reminded of my grandpa. It’s him watching my kids grow and them getting to hear the stories of the good ol’ days.

I don’t stay for the money. I stay for the happiness and the chance to watch my kids grow. To be there whenever my kids need me, when my family needs me. Because a job isn’t supposed to consume your life. Make it about your happiness and everything will fall into place 🖤

We had a full office today & I wouldn’t trade it for the world 😅

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