About me? Where to begin. Teen mom, but not like the over dramatic TV one. Although, I am quite dramatic, I’ve been told. Ended the clan with three boys and becoming a single mom at almost thirty. We brought in two dogs and most recently a Kunekune pig. I’ve always said I’d get a farm, so here we go! Oh, I have epilepsy and even though it isn’t a joke, I sometimes say inappropriate things to lighten the mood. Online shopping is my kryptonite. I enjoy writing when I have the time. I enjoy reading more. So welcome to my life and The Romo Clan! Enjoy. Or don’t. Regardless I’ll keep going.

2 thoughts on “About

  1. Manuel Ramirez

    I love reading what you have to say, i always have even when we were in high school. I’m sorry to hear that you have epilepsy an i hope your doing everything to get better. Your boys have grown so much since the last time i saw pictures of them. I really hope all is good with you.
    All my love Manuel R.

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