So Close & Feeling So Far

The exciting moment is coming close, six months from having my last seizure. February 7th. Every time I’ve had an episode (as I call my seizures), I keep that moment in my brain. I mainly do it to help keep my memory stable. The unfortunate part, I don’t feel excited about the six month mark.

I don’t feel like it’s been six months because I still have the dreaded feeling, the feeling that I’m worn out and exhausted. The feeling of my body not being able to move. I don’t know what it’s like when I actually have an episode. I don’t have a warning sign when I’m going to have one, it just happens. I’ve been lucky that every time I’ve had one, someone close to me has been around or near to help me. But when I come back from the episode, I don’t even know what happened.

When I was diagnosed, the neurologist gave me a list of triggers that could help me from having an episode. As a mom, I looked at the list and chuckled. Oh less stress and more sleep? Probably not. No alcohol or strobes of lights? Welp, how will I adult without alcohol and an occasional movie? Not enough hydration. Check, check, check. I literally was a walking list of triggers. I did everything I was not supposed to do. And it caught up to me.

Now, they couldn’t give me a reason as to how I became an epileptic. But here’s a list and I can’t do these things I’ve been doing most of my adult life. As I started making changes, I started feeling so much better. I was losing weight, taking my meds, checking out hobbies and I was finally feeling like things were going to be “normal” again. But it’s been short lived. Luckily, I haven’t had an episode, but the lagging feeling of stress and overhaul always comes back.

There has to be a balance. This can’t be how life is forever. There has to be a better way. I just have to find it.



Texas. Oh Texas.

Living in the great big state of Texas has it’s share of beauty. I will be the first one to say “What is life without Whataburger?” Yes, that would be the ONE thing I’d miss the most about living here! But today I’m not going to thrill everyone about why it is Texas is a pretty awesome place to live. I’m trying to figure out how in the world Texas has the highest number of children’s deaths by being left in a hot vehicle!?

I’ve read and watched stories about how there have been 20+ heat related deaths in 2016 alone. That to me is scary. The thought of my kid’s being left in an air conditioned car is terrifying now a days, so how can any parent forget their kid in a shut off vehicle? What’s worse is that now people are coming up with inventions and apps that will help you remember to get your child out of the vehicle. We were supposed to have flying cars by now, yet we can’t even get enough common sense to make sure everyone is out of the car safely. Good job America.

I can’t knock every single incident, I know that things can happen. But everytime I see it happening and the media talks so highly of these parents.. “Oh they would never do this, they’d give you the shirt off their back” speech is such crap. No, no you can’t say that. For example, last week a set of twins were left in a hot car (let me remind you summers in Texas are 99 degrees+ daily!) and when neighbors saw the dad by the pool pouring water on the twins they went to see what happened, but it was too late. Hey, how about you call 911 and try to get a medical staff to try to save your kids? But he didn’t. The twins unfortunately didn’t make it. The kicker here, the dad was on drugs. Drugs? Seriously. I feel for the mother in the situation of course. And even Tyler Perry reached out to her to help with expenses. But the pain of this mother losing her twins will forever be there all because someone chose drugs over their kids.

Texas can be known for many things, from cow tippin to having the best bar b que around, but to hear of senseless acts like this, no, it’s not okay.

So before you go and buy all the new tech saavy car seats that will alert you that you left your child in a car, or pay $5.99/month on an app to remind you you have a child with you-be sure to have the common sense to look back. I check on my kids constantly (and I get to hear the fighting over toys in the back anyways). Open your eyes and stop worrying about your cell phone or running ten minutes late. Every life matters, including the ones in the back seat. Don’t let everything going on around you distract you from your biggest resposibility.

A Little Town in Texas

When I was four years old my mom moved us into a small country town, Needville, Texas. This was where I spent my childhood. I went from my mom’s house to my dad’s three miles down the road from her.

I hit my teenage years and wanted to be anywhere, anywhere but that little town. So at seventeen, I was gone. Then at eighteen, guess where I was? A little town called Needville. It was going to be home for me. It was where I knew I wanted my kids to go to school. Where I wanted to have a farm and live with my husband.

But that’s going quickly, I wanted to give you an insight on this little town. Needville is tradition. Needville is finding back roads late at night and getting lost because there’s no city lights and sometimes not even a street sign. But with little towns, come lots of problems. One major problem this town faces is that on the roads that aren’t considered “city limits”are roads that are unforgivable. What does that even mean you ask?

In January of 2012, I was on my way to work, my eighteen month son in the back ready to go to grandma’s. It was a road I took many of times coming from my dad’s house. It’s a road that everyone that has lived in Needville has traveled on at least once. Williams School Road. As a parent, you’re prone to try and multi task while driving. This morning, that’s exactly what I was doing. I was handing my son his cup and in the blink of an eye I hit the barely there shoulder. Panicking I went to get back on the road, only it was too late. My little car was already flipping over in a ditch. From what Sheriff’s officers told my dad, I flipped it at least three times. A fence eventually stopped the car. I was able to climb my way to Dominick and get us both out. It’s a day I’ll never forget. And the words that the police officer’s told me always replay in the back of my head “These roads are unforgivable.” Dominick had not a scratch on him, only the burns from the seat belt, thank gosh. I was able to walk away with bruises and some scratches. We were blessed. I always say my Grandfather (who passed away when Dominick was only a month old) was watching over us.

I was a lucky one. But others not so much. I’ve heard and seen so many accidents down this street. The road is narrow and there are big trucks, trailers and even dump trucks taking this road. How is it that Fort Bend County can continuously raise taxes and NOT fix the roads that actually need it? How many lives will have to be lost or severely impacted because of a road that isn’t as safe as it should be?

It’s time for the tax payers, the every day people, the moms and dads, uncles and aunts talk to our politicians and fight for a change. You could say this is small compared to other things going on in the world, you’re probably right. But this little town in Texas, it has a community that bands together in tough times. When someone passes away or is hurt, everyone is hurt. When our football team goes to State, we all go to State. We are a small Texas town and our roads needs to be taken care of. Stop putting all the money into freeways that our tearing our farmer’s lands. Stop allowing politicians to get away with not funding where it needs to be funded.


Thank you! ๐Ÿ™‚

Please feel free to like, share and spread the word of our little town, Needville, Texas.

Black Thursday?

There have been so much controversial talk about retail workers working on Thanksgiving… Well here is one more blog to wander on about it… But instead I will talk about my experience. (It’s funny how this blog is all about me!)

Since I’ve met Eric (2011) I’ve been one of the many to stop my Thanksgiving festivities to shop til I drop. It started out as “Santa” shopping, but now I try to do it to where I get Christmas gifts and even some stuff for me and the hubs. Now, let me tell you, yes I do feel for the people that are having to work because that isn’t right. I’m not one of those crazy ladies that fights for things or gets insane and put on the news getting shoved around. Oh no no no no. I’m the one that grabs the hubs, my sister the past two years and then myself. It helps with standing in lines and making sure I don’t react in the worst way. React? Yes, I have severe anxiety and let me tell you, it has put me in some bad positions (I’ve walked out of stores without my items, bad). Luckily, I know that none of the stuff I ever purchase is something I NEED. Everything is a want, therefore if I don’t get it, I’m not upset by it. I’ve met some awesome people and I’ve shared some words with others. But hey, that’s normal. ๐Ÿ˜‰

But enough about how much fun it is. Let’s get down to these “poor” retail workers that are having to work on Thanksgiving and not be with their family… As I stated before, yes I do feel for them, I truly do. I always try to be kind (even when they aren’t), I make everything as easy going as possible, the whole sha-bang. This year my little team made a pit stop at the mall. YESSSSS. I had been doing this for four years and was looking forward to my first year testing out the mall. There were so many stores open. And even though plenty of them weren’t having sales, it was still pretty neat to be around and talk to the workers, see what different stores had to offer. All of a sudden, Eric and I see a Cinnabon pit stop. Oh my gosh, just the thing we needed. We hadn’t had any dessert and were starting to feel the sleepiness setting in. So we walk up and the sweetest girl is in front. She’s got the nicest personality and as we start to converse she continues to tell me how she doesn’t celebrate Thanksgiving and her family isn’t from the United States. It was refreshing to see such a happy face. I stood there for about five minutes talking to her and even left her a small tip.

It dawned on me that yes, I do feel for the retail workers that are having to work, but you don’t know the stories of everyone. Maybe they are working Thanksgiving because their family is coming for Christmas. Maybe they don’t celebrate at all. Sometimes it is unfortunate that you don’t have any say and HAVE to work because it’s in the rotation and you signed up for working holidays when you started. Whatever the reason being, yes it sucks, but it is what is going to happen. People will continue to shop on Thanksgiving and retailers are large enough to make people work.

What are your thoughts on the Thanksgiving working retailers? Any scary stories?! Did you see the video of the Wal-Mart getting shut down. Now that is the most insane thing I’ve ever seen!

Non-Traditional Thanksgiving

It’s been two days since Thanksgiving and I’ve been dying to post the most recent of events. For one, I want to know who has a Traditional Thanksgiving? & if you do, can I come next year? I mean, I have plenty of fun, but it’s so much work and then you’ve got the usual family drama. Uhhm hello, remember we are GIVING THANKS.

Now, I’m the kid that grew up with divorced parents, yay two of everything! However, the downside to being an adult with divorced parents; it throws my traditional out the window. Let me further this… Like I’ve previously stated (in other posts) I am married. So that makes the first Thanksgiving right? Then there is my father’s Thanksgiving and every year it is usually at my grandmother’s. Luckily, this year it was moved to my dad’s house (he lives in a nice big house to accommodate everyone). Lastly, there is my mother’s house.

But wait, did I fail to mention that my mom doesn’t do a “traditional” Thanksgiving? Oh no because that would be too much work. I don’t say this because my mom (or any of us for that matter) are lazy. This comes with the meaning that ours is nontraditional because there are only us kids. I’m the oldest and I’ve got my little fam bam. Then there is my younger sister who now celebrates with her boyfriend and his family. The third and fourth of us are teenagers. Let’s face it, they just want food. They don’t want to make it or clean it up, just eat it and go back to technology. All of my mom’sย  family lives out of town. When my grandfather passed away we pretty much did away with any celebrating Thanksgiving. We all eat differently and none of us like the same thing-so my mom says forget it and puts meat in the crockpot and PRESTO! Thanksgiving is done. So, we usually opt out of mom’s house.

Let’s inch back to my dad’s… That was the main Thanksgiving we blessed our Romo presence with. One, because it was specifically at my dad’s and well it would look bad to not show up. Two, it’s my dad! He and I have always had a rocky relationship, so once we were able to patch things up, I didn’t want to let him down. Third, I totally volunteered Eric to do the turkey (and later green bean casserole). What can I say, he’s a sucker for me ๐Ÿ˜‰ With every reason I was giving to go to Thanksgiving, the most important was family. I don’t see my dad’s side of the family as much as I should. Yes, it’s totally my fault, but it gives me more reason to pour into the holidays wholeheartedly.

And then there were the in laws. Now Thanksgiving is the one holiday I still haven’t been able to figure out. We have our schedules for every other holiday, except this. Unfortunately this year we weren’t able to make it over to my in laws for the holiday. But they are the most understanding and never make a big deal out of it (or if they do, they don’t say it!) So we are able to catch a break. On the plus, they get us Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day! Yay!

How was your Thanksgiving? Any crazy stories? I’d love to hear about them ๐Ÿ™‚


Stay posted for my “Black Friday” really Thursday shopping extravaganza!