What is Happening? Covid-19.

It’s a Tuesday, wait Wednesday, and the madness has not slowed down.  I was all about Spring Break. We had plans and went out almost every day. We did small trips and the boys enjoyed every minute of it.

It wasn’t until the Friday before school was set to start that it was setting in that the Covid-19 that’s sweeping the world and it was going to hit our little town. Eric & I got the automated call that NISD was extending our Spring Break. It was something I wasn’t prepared for. It meant that I’d be buying double the groceries, I’d have to take the boys to work with me and then figure out what to do to keep them busy and out of wrestling matches and fighting over what movies to watch. It was becoming a bigger ordeal, but I knew that we’d still be fine.

Sunday morning was pickup for my grocery order, a full weeks worth of food. I was quite worried when the grocer came out and there was one box. “I’m sorry ma’am, we were unable to fill your order 100%” It wasn’t even 25% of what I needed, but I thanked him and took what I had. I normally spend about $150 and here I was with $20 worth of frozen foods. I looked at Eric and we knew this wasn’t going to be a smooth transition from our normal lives to the “quarantine”.

We spent Sunday at home, trying to rest and get ready for our unknown week. By Sunday afternoon, my boss had called and said that he was in quarantine and I’d need to work from home. Awesome…I was in no way prepared. I hadn’t brought my laptop or any of my work stuff home because I fully expected it to blow over. My boss assured me that things would work out and we’d be fine. He said it’ll get worse, but it’ll get better after that. I had a job, it was going to be slow, but in the later weeks, I’d be back to my normal work schedule.

But my madness wasn’t what the blog for today was about. And if you’ve read this far, thanks for hanging in there. Here’s my point of the Covid-19….

This morning, I loaded up all three boys and headed to our local (20 minute drive) meat market. I was hoping that if I got in early then they’d have some meat. Boy was I correct! I was able to stand in a line because they were only letting in three people at a time. I waited and spoke with two women about how crazy this virus is and how it’s affecting everyone’s lives, etc. Once we were let in, the lady in front of me was ordering her meats and was told there was a limit. So she simply ordered the limit and went about her day. As I was ordering my meats, I noticed the older lady behind me arguing with the meat market owner! She was upset because she wanted to pick out her own meat and they explained how since it’s so busy, they would grab from the top and go down, no exceptions. She was not thrilled but finally said okay well I need a certain amount. Again, she was told, there is a limit and we cannot give you over so many pounds of meat per person. This time she had had it and went off on how she had been a customer and it was ridiculous that she couldn’t order as much as she wanted. I couldn’t believe this lady. She was easily in her mid 60s and was already rude as it was, but to sit here and cause a scene because she couldn’t buy additional meat was outrageous. The Romo Clan is a party of five and I was able to get plenty of meat, so I can’t understand why she needed the meat then and there. I went ahead and picked out the last of what we would need and saw some powdered donuts that I knew the boys, who hadn’t had breakfast, would love. So I grabbed the last three bags and was going into checkout. A woman saw me checking out and was bummed because there were no more donuts. I handed her a bag and said “my boys can share” and turned around. She tapped my shoulder and said “Are you sure?” I nodded and said “It’s a difficult time for everyone, the last thing we need is rude and inconsiderate people”. She smiled and thank me and we went about our days.

Teachers are out of work and are in unknown territories because we’ve never had a situation like this. Hourly wage workers are getting cut hours (or more hours if they are grocery store workers) and everything is bare minimum. Our oil field workers are getting laid off due to the oil barrels dropping. No contact with groups means no parties or gatherings. For me, it’s been difficult and the panic attacks have come in strong. But you have your health and you have your family. Keep them close and enjoy the time you can. This will get better and you’ll come back stronger than you were.




Mother’s Day.

We are getting towards Mother’s Day, well about a month away. But for me that’s already time to start the planning. Of course I also have three mothers, so shopping usually takes a lot of effort.

As a child, I knew that I could get away with making gifts and that was usually done at school. Then I became a mother and I realized that those are the best gifts. But now that I’m an adult, I feel like my mom deserves the world. She and I don’t always see eye to eye. Let’s face it, she’s my best friend and I’m her rock, but we clash like the titans!

Every year I’ve seemed to buy her a gift card to Lowe’s. (My mom is a huge fan of Lowe’s, like she could live there and spend her life just up and down the aisles). But this year I just feel like there’s more to the day. For one, she doesn’t like to be bothered. She says “It’s my day and I’ll do what I want”, so we basically let her be. But before that we give her gifts and set up a breakfast or lunch, etc. This year, it’s a surprise. It’s not a gift card, it’s not a homemade lunch. It’s a week long event of showing her just how much we adore her as a Mother Dearest and Nana.

Second Mama is next! Yes, I literally call her my second mother. She and my dad have been together since I was two years old. I’m 23 now! So yes, she’s another mother and even though people outside of our family don’t understand it, it works for us. We wouldn’t change things. Now, she is a tough cookie to shop for. Mainly because when she wants something she just gets it. But also because she is always so busy taking my siblings to their activities that she doesn’t do anything for herself. This year, my goal is to get her something that’s not just another gift. It’s something with a deeper meaning than some soaps from Bath and Body Works because let’s face it, she deserves more.

Lastly, but of course not least, is my mother in law. Well, last year I made the mistake of getting her an awesome gift (family pictures that she’s been dying for). So this year, I’m trying to figure out, what can even out due that? Probably nothing. Except for the chance of a grand-daughter. She loves our boys, but bless her heart she needs a girl. Let’s face it, every grandma probably does! With that being said, she just may be getting a nice card and jewelry because welp, a grand-baby, that’s just one you can’t come back from! Hehe 😉

What kind of special things do you do for your mom? Is there a tradition you have? What about your mother in law? Or is she a monster in law? Lol no judgements, everyone isn’t as lucky as me!



Non-Traditional Thanksgiving

It’s been two days since Thanksgiving and I’ve been dying to post the most recent of events. For one, I want to know who has a Traditional Thanksgiving? & if you do, can I come next year? I mean, I have plenty of fun, but it’s so much work and then you’ve got the usual family drama. Uhhm hello, remember we are GIVING THANKS.

Now, I’m the kid that grew up with divorced parents, yay two of everything! However, the downside to being an adult with divorced parents; it throws my traditional out the window. Let me further this… Like I’ve previously stated (in other posts) I am married. So that makes the first Thanksgiving right? Then there is my father’s Thanksgiving and every year it is usually at my grandmother’s. Luckily, this year it was moved to my dad’s house (he lives in a nice big house to accommodate everyone). Lastly, there is my mother’s house.

But wait, did I fail to mention that my mom doesn’t do a “traditional” Thanksgiving? Oh no because that would be too much work. I don’t say this because my mom (or any of us for that matter) are lazy. This comes with the meaning that ours is nontraditional because there are only us kids. I’m the oldest and I’ve got my little fam bam. Then there is my younger sister who now celebrates with her boyfriend and his family. The third and fourth of us are teenagers. Let’s face it, they just want food. They don’t want to make it or clean it up, just eat it and go back to technology. All of my mom’s  family lives out of town. When my grandfather passed away we pretty much did away with any celebrating Thanksgiving. We all eat differently and none of us like the same thing-so my mom says forget it and puts meat in the crockpot and PRESTO! Thanksgiving is done. So, we usually opt out of mom’s house.

Let’s inch back to my dad’s… That was the main Thanksgiving we blessed our Romo presence with. One, because it was specifically at my dad’s and well it would look bad to not show up. Two, it’s my dad! He and I have always had a rocky relationship, so once we were able to patch things up, I didn’t want to let him down. Third, I totally volunteered Eric to do the turkey (and later green bean casserole). What can I say, he’s a sucker for me 😉 With every reason I was giving to go to Thanksgiving, the most important was family. I don’t see my dad’s side of the family as much as I should. Yes, it’s totally my fault, but it gives me more reason to pour into the holidays wholeheartedly.

And then there were the in laws. Now Thanksgiving is the one holiday I still haven’t been able to figure out. We have our schedules for every other holiday, except this. Unfortunately this year we weren’t able to make it over to my in laws for the holiday. But they are the most understanding and never make a big deal out of it (or if they do, they don’t say it!) So we are able to catch a break. On the plus, they get us Christmas Eve AND Christmas Day! Yay!

How was your Thanksgiving? Any crazy stories? I’d love to hear about them 🙂


Stay posted for my “Black Friday” really Thursday shopping extravaganza!