Life.Louis Vuitton.Legacy.

When I was younger, I went in between my mom and dad’s house. My dad went from various apartments until he settled down in Needville with my second mom. The one apartment I loved, which surprisingly wasn’t the one with the stairs I got to go down, was the one that was closest to my Godmother. I don’t know when I was baptized. And I wasn’t sure how she was my “aunt” but she somehow was always there. She was always Godmama. Heck, in my phone that’s just what it says. But that’s off topic.

I would get to go to my dad’s every other weekend and I’d love walking across the parking lot to see my Godmother. I would joke about when her man was coming (he was a cop and worked different shifts). We would get up early and set up to watch the parade. She’d take me to Golden Corral where she’d let me eat an entire plate of gummy bears without a so much as a laugh. You crazy girl. That’s what she’d always say.

I even remember thinking it was so cool that she worked at the old original courthouse. That she knew so much. Wow, that’s my Godmama.

As life progressed, I didn’t talk to my dad as much as I could’ve. Hell, I didn’t stay in contact with a lot of my family members. That didn’t change the love that I had, I just needed to heal my soul. Find my way. Find my path. Yet there she was. Always. A random text to cute little Christmas bags. It was the red lipstick and the Louis Vuitton. Her heart was so big and she was so charismatic. She didn’t deserve to get sick. She didn’t deserve the pain she was forced to deal with. She was supposed to be always.

The crying at night has lessened, but the pain is still too real. A simple text that I’d see her soon, turned into standing outside her house gasping for air. She left behind so many. She had built a legacy, she was the glue that held so many families together.

No, you don’t have lipstick on your teeth. You are my always Godmama

On her first heavenly birthday, I got the text that we’d be going to her cemetery spot and releasing balloons. But instead I laid in bed and cried. I didn’t want to pretend that everything was okay, knowing that it is because she’s finally free, but to me it hadn’t set in. I don’t know when it will. Maybe when I go out and buy those cheesy Christmas earrings that she wore so well. Maybe when I go to Louisiana and gamble like we did for my birthday. There’s so many maybe’s and what if’s. I could go on. But I won’t. I’ll sit here quietly and continue to pray for everyone. God gained an angel, but we lost a piece of us. A dynasty of a person. I love you Godmama. I’ll be sure the next poker night to take everyone’s quarters for you.

Lucas Q P1

I won’t ever say I have a favorite child. My three boys have blessed me in so many ways. Now Lucas, also known as Luc, has been by far the most unique out of the clan. I don’t have a specific word to use because this tiny human was never supposed to be apart of the Romo Clan.

Wow, so I’ve basically called him unwanted. Negative. You see, after my two boys, my OB said, hey girl, the chances of you getting pregnant is slim, your body can’t handle another human. And that was the end of it. Eric and I knew that we had our two boys and being blessed with that was enough.

When I went in for a minor strep test and the doctor said, Mrs. Romo, we can’t give you these meds because you’re knocked up. I couldn’t help but laugh and said no way. (Insert that immediate phone call to the OB)

A blood test, ultrasound and a few additional pee sticks for good measure later, it was confirmed that we were adding another member to our family. Chances of survival were dependent on how my body would react. I was on pins and needles trying to make sure that I didn’t do anything wrong. Extra water, yes please. Cokes, what are you crazy, heck no! We went on through the first trimester with only two emergency room visits for dehydration and low iron. Yikes! Did I forget to mention I’m anemic? I can barely make enough blood for me and now I’m adding in a mini me. Second semester and I was positive we’d bring a little girl into the chaos. Why else would I have this chance of another pregnancy? Boom, look at that little pecker. I cried. I wasn’t sad because it was a boy, I cried because he was a tiny little healthy peanut. Healthy. Little did I know that two weeks later I would be in a cold room receiving antibiotics through an ivy. Not only was I constantly dehydrated, but I couldn’t get over a basic uti that ended up becoming a larger issue. Welp, there I sat everyday for three hours for the next ten days. Finally, I would be getting that pregnancy glow everyone talks about!

Yeah, it isn’t for everyone. Me being part of the exception. A few more emergency room trips for dehydration and the OB finally said, look woman, stay in bed and stay alive for the baby. Cool I can do that 🤷🏻‍♀️ Except… I didn’t. I couldn’t just let my other two boys be without a mom. So when it was Halloween, you’re sure right we are going trick or treating. I don’t care if I can barely walk because I’m over 37 weeks pregnant. After what felt like an eternity, I told Eric that I was feeling exhausted and my back wasn’t feeling right. Home we went and put those tired boys down for bed. Quick showers and it’s bedtime. Until I feel myself pee and call my mom to see what it’s like for water to break. Apparently that was me. It was time for our sweet boy to come…. a failed natural birth brought in a last minute epidural and a prayer brought Luc into this world 11/01/2016. The Romo Clan grew by one and our hearts were so full. I did it.

Until next time. Xoxo

Sunset 🌅

Where Did Time Go?

Can you believe it’s already May? I’m still trying to figure out where April went?! The Romo Clan is in week 4674 of homeschooling while Eric is an essential worker and continuing his normal schedule. I’ve been lucky enough to work from home a majority of the time. This has been quite a lingo but I’d say we’re adjusting as much as we probably will.

With this being said, I wanted to thank each and every one of you that has helped grow my Pampered Chef journey. I’ve met amazing people and learned about a ton of kitchen hacks with the items Pampered Chef has to offer. Unfortunately the time I’ve been putting into The Romo Clan, along with my clients & keeping their businesses striving has kept me from the side hustle of helping grow your kitchen needs!

This month will be the last month I’ll continue as a consultant and will be getting rid of any stock that I have. If you’re interested in anything please feel free to reach out and if you are wanting to place a last minute order, I can help you with that too. Thank you again & we truly appreciate you’re support of the Romo Clan 💓


Today’s a big deal for quite a few of my cousins, I won’t name names for law purposes (ha). But for me it’s a normal Monday with half a day of work followed by learning with a first and fourth grader. Honestly, I don’t know how essential workers are teaching their kids and surviving with work. I feel like I’m constantly drowning! So thank you for being essential and kicking ass at the same time at home with your kids.

Before all of this started, I honestly was debating homeschooling my first grader. He was struggling in school and it was truly breaking my heart. He would work so hard and his grades still weren’t good enough. He was frustrated, tired and in tears most nights. I didn’t blame the school, the teacher, or even myself, but I knew that he needed help. His teacher and I had a conversation before Spring Break about how we could both help him more to achieve his reading goals and I was looking forward to it all. I was super optimistic that everything was going to work out. Now, it’s been over a month that I’ve had to teach my little first grader at home and it has been the most draining and rewarding experience! Without a set in stone schedule, he’s been thriving so much! He misses his teacher and friends, but the balance of school life and home life has become a big factor for him. He’s reading better and even excelling in his math, more than he was at school. Of course, all kids learn at different rates, it just took a quarantine to help my muy guapo learn how to pace himself. So even though I can assure you I’m not teacher material, it’s made me so confident in preparing him for the (hopefully!) second grade come August. I can’t thank the teachers that do this on a daily and that have been providing us with all of the resources during these difficult times. If it weren’t for our teacher sending out information and videos, I’d definitely be questioning my lack of first grade knowledge!

Now, enough about first grade, how about those middle school fourth graders? Our school district is different and put my baby (that’s not a baby!) in the middle school before mama was ready. It has definitely been a challenge being in a new school, but it was going smoothly. He was making good grades and after constant bugging, finally learning how to slow down on his work so he wouldn’t make small errors. So how is it that now, he’s completely going backwards! He’s rushed through assignments and putting off school work and it’s driving me nuts! I’d have to say, I’m proud that there haven’t been too many tears shed throughout this time. Is it bad to say I’m ready for summer? Because I could use a vacation. Is that even going to be allowed? Gosh, I sure hope so!

Lastly, my tiny terror. My three-nager is driving me NUTS! He’s my last little and trust me when I say, I’ve done everything against the books. Everything that I did with my other two, it all changed when Lucas Q came in. He’s not potty trained and still co-sleeps. (Insert gasping Karens now) I know that he “needs” to be potty trained and in his own bed. But, I’ve just enjoyed his little long legs kicking me in the back most nights. I enjoy poop diapers. NO KAREN, I DON’T! But I don’t think I’ve ever met a child as stubborn as mine. He is as independent as he wants, talks up a storm and does everything he can to get his way. I’m trying guys, but this quarantine is definitely something to not complain about.

I’ve enjoyed hauling my kids to grocery pickup and late dinners. I’ve enjoyed the slow down of life. The long hair and last minute changes to bed time. Everyone can say that it’s a lot because hell yes it is, but this my friends, is what everyone needed. Even if you don’t know it yet.

Trying to stay sane



What is Happening? Covid-19.

It’s a Tuesday, wait Wednesday, and the madness has not slowed down.  I was all about Spring Break. We had plans and went out almost every day. We did small trips and the boys enjoyed every minute of it.

It wasn’t until the Friday before school was set to start that it was setting in that the Covid-19 that’s sweeping the world and it was going to hit our little town. Eric & I got the automated call that NISD was extending our Spring Break. It was something I wasn’t prepared for. It meant that I’d be buying double the groceries, I’d have to take the boys to work with me and then figure out what to do to keep them busy and out of wrestling matches and fighting over what movies to watch. It was becoming a bigger ordeal, but I knew that we’d still be fine.

Sunday morning was pickup for my grocery order, a full weeks worth of food. I was quite worried when the grocer came out and there was one box. “I’m sorry ma’am, we were unable to fill your order 100%” It wasn’t even 25% of what I needed, but I thanked him and took what I had. I normally spend about $150 and here I was with $20 worth of frozen foods. I looked at Eric and we knew this wasn’t going to be a smooth transition from our normal lives to the “quarantine”.

We spent Sunday at home, trying to rest and get ready for our unknown week. By Sunday afternoon, my boss had called and said that he was in quarantine and I’d need to work from home. Awesome…I was in no way prepared. I hadn’t brought my laptop or any of my work stuff home because I fully expected it to blow over. My boss assured me that things would work out and we’d be fine. He said it’ll get worse, but it’ll get better after that. I had a job, it was going to be slow, but in the later weeks, I’d be back to my normal work schedule.

But my madness wasn’t what the blog for today was about. And if you’ve read this far, thanks for hanging in there. Here’s my point of the Covid-19….

This morning, I loaded up all three boys and headed to our local (20 minute drive) meat market. I was hoping that if I got in early then they’d have some meat. Boy was I correct! I was able to stand in a line because they were only letting in three people at a time. I waited and spoke with two women about how crazy this virus is and how it’s affecting everyone’s lives, etc. Once we were let in, the lady in front of me was ordering her meats and was told there was a limit. So she simply ordered the limit and went about her day. As I was ordering my meats, I noticed the older lady behind me arguing with the meat market owner! She was upset because she wanted to pick out her own meat and they explained how since it’s so busy, they would grab from the top and go down, no exceptions. She was not thrilled but finally said okay well I need a certain amount. Again, she was told, there is a limit and we cannot give you over so many pounds of meat per person. This time she had had it and went off on how she had been a customer and it was ridiculous that she couldn’t order as much as she wanted. I couldn’t believe this lady. She was easily in her mid 60s and was already rude as it was, but to sit here and cause a scene because she couldn’t buy additional meat was outrageous. The Romo Clan is a party of five and I was able to get plenty of meat, so I can’t understand why she needed the meat then and there. I went ahead and picked out the last of what we would need and saw some powdered donuts that I knew the boys, who hadn’t had breakfast, would love. So I grabbed the last three bags and was going into checkout. A woman saw me checking out and was bummed because there were no more donuts. I handed her a bag and said “my boys can share” and turned around. She tapped my shoulder and said “Are you sure?” I nodded and said “It’s a difficult time for everyone, the last thing we need is rude and inconsiderate people”. She smiled and thank me and we went about our days.

Teachers are out of work and are in unknown territories because we’ve never had a situation like this. Hourly wage workers are getting cut hours (or more hours if they are grocery store workers) and everything is bare minimum. Our oil field workers are getting laid off due to the oil barrels dropping. No contact with groups means no parties or gatherings. For me, it’s been difficult and the panic attacks have come in strong. But you have your health and you have your family. Keep them close and enjoy the time you can. This will get better and you’ll come back stronger than you were.




Costco Versus Sam’s Club

Hey all! February just snuck away from us and brought in March and boom Spring Break.

So here we are on a Saturday night watching kid chosen movies for the millionth time this year. By now I’m sure you’ve heard about the Corona Virus going on around the world. The moment it started coming closer to home, we became a little more urged to just ensure we had our daily necessities. Trust me, we aren’t ones to hide a surplus, we just need a monthly supply so mama isn’t making multiple trips to the grocery store! This past Monday, after my half day of work, I told my mom that I’d go with her to check out Costco. I’ve had a Sam’s membership since probably 2013. Having two kids (and eventually a third) I knew that it would come in handy. We’ve been sold ever since.

By going to Costco, first trip and brought my three year old, Lucas with us, it was already a big deal. I don’t do well with crowds and my mom normally just says “relax” so going with her is let’s just say interesting. We arrive and the parking lot is packed. No where to park maxed out and way too many senior citizens walking their slowest to get to their vehicles. When we finally found a spot, we quickly began to browse and find our essentials, chips, water and fruit. Not too shabby right? My gosh were we wrong. We ended up with water balloons, chicken salad, apples, dog food and mini tacos. There were no paper towels or toilet paper. There was no kind of water whatsoever. Even worse, the people were so ugly! Not in the “Oh he’s ugly type” but the “how rude” type that you can’t stand. So pushing carts was a huge problem, getting to the checkout was an even bigger issue and then leaving was just OMG! I was exhausted just in the hour we were in Costco.

As we were leaving I told my mom that I could not do Costco again. Maybe it was just the hysteria of everyone worried about the end of the world? Nope, my mom had gone previously and said it’s just like that. If you are a shopper there, I applaud you because I couldn’t!

Sam’s Club just suits us better. Maybe it’s the less crowds and niceness of the people? On a Saturday, we could take all three boys and load two carts of our essentials and still make it to the cafe for pizza and sodas. All without the going crazy and people pushing crazy carts around. Maybe it’s the ease of all the checkout lanes and the option to scan & go on the app. I couldn’t tell you really. I could say it’s because I’ve been a member so long I know what to expect. Anyways, there’s my rant about wholesale clubs.

What about you? Do you shop wholesale? If so, what kind of experiences? And if you don’t shop wholesale, why not?



Changing a Mindset

When I was younger, I’d get so anxious that I would chew my nails to the bare minimum. I remember sitting at home in the bathroom soaking my nails that were about to fall off. It was painful. But I didn’t care. I couldn’t help it. This went on until oh I don’t know , a few years ago. I would get my nails done every so often because I hated how my nails looked.

It was embarrassing. I didn’t know how to get myself to just stop a habit I’d been doing since I was young. I was lucky enough to have Eric by my side and when he noticed I was picking he would grab my hand. It would work for the most part. Unfortunately Eric wasn’t always around, so there were times I would catch myself just picking because I was worried about everything that I couldn’t control.

As time went on I finally started using a variety of Ella & Mila nail polishes; from the Oil Me Up to the Stop Nail Biting. But it wasn’t just the gross nail polishes that would stop it, I had to get in the mentality that what I was doing was only harming myself and my self esteem.

It’s been a rough few months and I’ve cracked more times than I’d like to admit, but I’m so proud to show off my hands. I mean, they’re not the cutest, but the nails are growing and I am one proud lady. I actually think I want to go get my nails painted and cute looking because I have good nails 💅🏼

Let it go and free yourself from the constant need to do more. It’ll happen. You just have to stop, smell the pollution and keep on moving.

I mean they are not filed correctly and I could use a manicure, but this, this is one of my proud moments ❤️

6 months.

It’s been almost a year since The Romo Clan moved back into Needville and boy has it been wild. It also takes me back to never knowing that I was admitted into the ICU because I was throwing up and having seizures that weren’t controlled… I don’t know how or what even happened. I can tell you that as time went on, I just had to stop. Stop doing what I’d been doing all my life. I would stress over things I couldn’t control. I’d plan so hard, I’d have months of planning that I needed to keep my life together…. or so I thought. I left my job to focus more on my boys and my health. I felt that if I could just relearn my ways, everything would work out. June 26, 2019… there I went into a seizure at home. I blacked out and I woke up to Eric telling me that I had had another one. I was two weeks away from being seizure free for 6 months and that, to me, was an accomplishment. I sat in my living room and I prayed. Now I’m not one to pray, to fully believe that God is always on your side. Mainly because there have been so many dark times in my 27 years of life. But on July 26th, I prayed. I couldn’t live like this. It wasn’t my path. It couldn’t be. A few more trips to the neurologist and a few new medicines later and I was on my way. School started for my boys and I realized I’d been living with epilepsy for a year. A year of so many changes. My mom continued helping me, driving me around like she didn’t have her own job to worry about. Eric would work and come home or stay home to help me live my best life. The boys knew that I sometimes couldn’t do what they wanted and it broke my heart. I kicked into overdrive for the holidays, allowing myself to breathe and say “you can’t change this” and moving forward. Today, as Eric and I stood in the many aisles of Lowe’s, I turned to him and said “my six months is today”. I wanted to cry. It’s been exactly 6 months since my last seizure. My heart is so full. I’ve made a lot of mistakes and I’ve made plenty of people upset with some of my choices. But the choices I’ve made have made me and The Romo Clan so much stronger. Today, I celebrate me.

PS: today while working in the yard I made a new mudbug friend 😁

To The New Century

As the kids are going back to school and I get back to my regular schedule, I’ve made it a small goal to post more. I say that and almost always get busy. But if something is important to you, you work on it.

We had everyone go to bed early (regular 7:30 bed time) and boy when I woke up at 3:00 am I was set on getting my life together, I paid bills, made some notes on our vacation, heck I even started a load of laundry. So when my mom showed up at 6:30 am I was even more surprised that she was early. It’s amazing what you get done when you get up earlier.

I didn’t have a goal to lose weight this year, which has started way before since my surgeries, but it sure is difficult to do it on your own. Luckily, I’ve been sneaking some healthier food options in Eric’s lunch and it’s been working 😎

How’s your new year starting? Did you set any goals this year?

Btw. I’m still a Pampered Chef consultant, but it’s more for fun than actually making an income to replace my income. If you need anything, let your girl know!

Where Did You Go?

It’s been almost five months since I’ve been online and I’m so ashamed! I’ve welcomed my life to the internet and leave you hanging! So let’s hit a little refresh button to end the 2019 year.

Since July, the school year of course started and that itself is a busy lifestyle. I’ve got a fourth grader that is too cool for his mom and a first grader trying to fit in with the readers in his class. My heart hurts that it takes him extra work to learn how to read, but he doesn’t give up and has improved so much.

I turned the big 2-7 this October and celebrated by being able to drive! I don’t full time drive, my mom is still my chaperone most days, but I’ve grown to enjoy it because we get to talk and catch up. Being a mom myself it’s hard to get some gossip time in.

Thanksgiving came and went quickly, as I hosted my in laws along with a small drop in from my mom, sister and baby brother. I’ve got a lot of family, but it’s become a lot less stressful with facing the fact that I can’t see them all.

December brought on by far, the biggest month of the year. Holidays? Pshhhh. Worse! Sorry, I’ll get a little woman like now. For years, I had struggled with migraines and heavy periods. When I had kids, I was secretly grateful to have nine months without one (haha) But this year, when facing epilepsy and migraines and seizures… it brought on the reality that having my own additional children was off the table. I’m not saying I wanted four kids, but the idea of having more and risking my life was something I couldn’t face… So after a few OB visits, I finally talked my doctor into a hysterectomy. I’ve heard it over and over that I’m too young and I couldn’t wrap my head over how many people can bash the idea. But that’s another day conversation. December 6th, I went in and had my big young uterus taken out. No complications and plenty of drugs later and I was released to heal.

I couldn’t believe how such a simple procedure could bring on the worst healing pain. I was in bed for days and did not like the idea of being cooped up. But I didn’t want to get yelled at, so home I stayed! One day shy of my two week recovery, I ended up in the hospital AGAIN. This time, apparently gallstones are a thing and I had them. Into emergency surgery I went. Thanks to my mom who insisted I get my gallbladder removed so the pain wouldn’t stress me into an episode. After an overnight stay and poor hospital food, I came home again to recover. In between this time frame, I’d been helping behind the scenes with last minute Christmas gifts, school parties and teacher luncheons because I’m a mom and couldn’t stop. Four days before Christmas I’m laying in bed trying to fight the pain so I could get some wrapping finished up, except everyone kept telling me.. slow down. Every family Christmas, I showed up. In pain, most of the time or on pain meds and the kicker…. starving! My body wasn’t hungry, but my head was saying girl get you some food. I even lost over ten pounds 🥳

So tonight, I’m hanging out on my couch, listening to my boys playing video games and my youngest watching a movie in bed with Eric and attempting this relax thing. I’m a work in progress. I’ve always been a go getter but maybe this was the sign for 2020 to bring my butt to slow down mode. Either way… I’m grateful. Grateful for Eric who’s been my rock through it all. My mom, my parents and even my in laws who have helped us in every way they would. And also my boss, who has let me rest up and still get my bonus because I’m a kick ass worker other times ha!